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    What is Energy Healing and Integrative  Medicine?

        I like to look at my approach as an energy healer as part of the new paradigm of medicine called Integrative medicine. For me this is the integration of my 28 years as a physical therapist working through the eyes of the medical model, blended with over 30 years of daily meditation, over a decade as a craniosacral and myofascial therapist, and my recent five years at the internationally recognized Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science. Incorporating the knowledge and skills I have learned about working physically on the body and energetically off the body, my healing sessions are oriented toward the wellness and balance in life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I feel this work is important to each individual as they work with their medical team in pursuing health. As your ally in healing, I approach your session with the philosophy of a contemporary medical pioneer:

               "When you treat a disease, you win, or you lose,
                    When you treat a person, I guarantee you will always win, no matter what
                        the outcome."
                                            (from the movie, "Patch Adams")

        I am committed to working with individuals who desire support in their Dis-Ease process, and are willing to look at those places that block ease and health...and in the process I support you in finding the healer in you.


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